About us .

Our company is founded on the intent to provide individuals and businesses with an exceptional product. The managing members of Lambert Contracting, LLC strive to create a long-lasting professional relationship. We understand the importance of integrity that is required to achieve this goal. If there is a service the team of Lambert Contracting LLC can provide you or your company; please give us the opportunity to prove our merit.

Having moved over 1 million cubic yards of dirt and completed countless miles of pipeline, we have one single mission on every project – to maintain the highest level of professionalism, quality and safety. This is why we are your best choice regardless of your needs. We guarantee satisfaction

Our Team

We take pride in our work and continually research the most recent technology to provide the customer with a high quality product that is economically affordable. The leading team member of our company grew up in the construction industry and understands the overall knowledge required for providing a respectable product.

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